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WinSped® Module Overview

The modular transport management software

With WinSped®, we have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the transporting and shipping industries.


AppSped makes mobile: It has never been easier to process transport orders via smartphones and tablets.


ATLIS is the module for the complete integration of WinSped® into the ATLAS system of the European customs administrations.

Order Entry

With order processing, WinSped® is optimally equipped for the fast and error-free administration of orders.

Automotive Center

With the WinSped Automotive Center, we offer solutions for process-oriented advice and order processing in the VDA environment.


Pen and paper are increasingly becoming a thing of the past in incoming and outgoing goods. With ELLi, the electronic loading list now comes into your TMS.


All data, figures and facts of your company are compiled, compared and evaluated by our controlling solutions.


Regardless of whether you plan groupage goods (general cargo planning), partial or complete loads, WinSped® provides you with an individually optimized planning workstation.


Now you can find digitally archived documents at every workstation, display them and process them in various ways.

Graphical dispatching

A simple overview and easy operation enable dispatchers to react quickly in an intuitive graphical map application.

Freight calculaton

The checking of incoming freight invoices and the calculation of services to your customers is automated and supported by WinSped®.

Freight inspection

Dialog functions for freight information and for determining the price for existing freight agreements allow the control of freight invoices of the carriers used.

Fleet administration

In the fleet management all important information, dates and means of transport can be managed, such as trucks, trailers, swap bodies or containers.


WinSped® integrates the online and offline import of barcode data from almost all scanner systems for the automated processing of part and groupage shipment orders.

Means of Loading

Our WinSped® software solutions for the efficient administration of loading or loading aids in your daily forwarding business.

Load Optimization

Our software functions offer a minimization of your loading space capacity, reduction of transport units and an optimized work process on your ramp.

Full Truck Load

Solutions for the special needs of cargo transport (e.g. bulk material, tank and silo, heavy load, trucking) to meet all industry-specific requirements.

Personnel Management

Record all relevant master data of your drivers and manage associated appointments and events. With our software we support a reliable driver selection.


With WinSped® we offer a versatile recording of your individual orders and enable a concatenation of all information through the entire transport chain.

Service Prodiver

Not every transport service can be provided by yourself. If relations cannot be served economically, cooperations offer the network to complete the transport service profitably.

Telematic Integration

The use of telematics systems immensely improves communication between vehicles and the dispatching centre and allows the flexible design of dynamic transport processes.

Route planning

WinSped® optimizes routes from your transport or service orders and delivers results for the extended planning of external transport capacities.

Software for carriers

For the shipping industry, transport costs represent an ever-increasing cost block. An effective and sustainable design and control is an important competitive factor for these processes.

Swap Body Administration

The WinSped® swap body administration informs you with one click about the current location. Evaluable location lists automatically link the use and whereabouts of the swap bodies with the disposition.