The comfortable customs administration

ATLIS is the module for the complete integration of Winsped in the ATLIS system of the European customs administration. The communication takes place online, not directly with customs, but rather centrally through the data processing centre of LIS. From here the procedures are converted into the appropriate customs format and forwarded for declaration. This ensures safety, reduces the costs and simplifies the access considerably. Go ahead and integrate ATLIS and have a piece of Europe in your WinSped.

The right thing for everyone

Every single ATLIS building block is the right solution for simplifying complex customs notifications in the areas of shipping, importing and exporting. For simplified processes, groupage and individual customs notifications. This software is available selectively for slight use as ASP or for extensive requirements as a local client server installation.

Everything under control

The software is based on local master data and contains all the necessary customs checks so that the saved data can be passed on for registration. Use the advantage of one of the known Winsped user surfaces. Uniquely amended with our new info box ,with custom specified information, in which the user can also deposit his own individual standard values for entry or special customer notices and tips concerning customs procedures.

ATLIS assistants

Assistants support you in using the available data, From your WinSped orders the assistant transfers the data for further processing in the ATLIS building block. In this way you create your customs registration with very little time and effort..

Minimal time and effort

The communication with ATLAS runs through the data processing centre of LIS. Here the correct conversion and the data exchange with customs is centrally controlled to disburden every user considerably. A special feature of ATLIS is the calculation of the communication costs: the user pays only a small monthly flat rate and can exchange information with customs, similar to a flat rate of many other electronic message services. ATLIS – the clever connection to customs.

The ATLIS building block

  • NCTS- builds the ATLAS shipping procedures
  • EXPORT- winds up your export clearance for individual and groupage customs notifications
  • FREE TRANSPORT- winds up your import custom clearance for individual and groupage customs notifications
  • SumA – the summarical registration ensures a preliminary surrender of goods in your custody (only for Germany)
  • All building blocks are certified by the German and Austrian customs.