Freight forwarding software for automotive

Support of all current and latest VDA interfaces and platforms

Powerful software for automotive logistics

The modularly constructed transport management system (TMS) WinSped® offers applications specially tailored to the automobile industry for the optimization of the value creation process with numerous interfaces.

With the help of the software, automobile forwarders (and local forwarders) can map all processes from the supplier to the factory. Our products can be easily implemented in almost all IT environments that are common in the VDA industry.


The Automotive Center from WinSped®

Optimized VDA transports up to the billing process (like MTB-II and FAVOR processes)

The system takes the VDA plant structures into account and guides you through the entire process. This means that transport orders for full, empty and inter-plant transport can be fully mapped: from recording, master data management (suppliers, plants, packaging materials) and disposition to industry-specific billing.

Automotive Center

Further modules for Automotive (VDA)

Thanks to the modularity of the WinSped® logistics software you can add further functionalities that are important for automotive logistics. All modules are programmed in the current .net language and are also available as web applications.

Order processing

WinSped® simplifies the order processing with the help of automated processes.

Graphic Disposition

Our software offers the disposition directly in the map via drag & drop as well as a visual transport control with the corresponding deployment plan.

ETA Center

Departure, route and arrival monitoring in real time.

Cross Docking

Our cross docking module enables the complete tracking of your freight.


The electronic loading list displays all unloading and loading processes digitally and in real time.

Document management

All documents are constantly available and easy to find.

Integration/interfaces to third-party providers

We do not regard the LIS logistics software as a closed store application, but we have already connected or can usually connect industry-standard services for the automotive sector. With the data converter we succeed in the connection – for you this means seamless processes without system break and a user interface in WinSped®. Our forwarding software supports the common VDA interfaces and can be connected to the individual web based exchange platforms of some of the large German manufacturers, such as the Discovery Portal of the Volkswagen Group and the BMW CSC Portal.

Automotive interfaces

  • VDA4933 T1/T2/T3
  • VDA4913
  • VDA4987
  • VDA4921
  • VDA4945
  • VDA30MOD
  • Volkswagen crediting procedure MTBII
  • BMW crediting procedure FAVOR

Successful automotive customers

Here you can see an excerpt of our customers from the automotive logistics, who already use WinSped and the Automotive Center successfully.

E. van Wijk BV
Morawiec Transport Sp. z o.o
JVG Autologistik GmbH