Internship at LIS GmbH in Greven, Germany

Internship complacent? Then come to us to Greven, we look forward to seeing you! With us pupils and students will find something. We offer students the opportunity to take compulsory and voluntary internships in all areas of the company. We conduct student internships in the following Departments located in Greven:

  • software development
  • technical support
  • customer Support

Why an internship?

Gray is all theory. Only practice brings color to life. Therefore, we regularly offer students and students the opportunity to complete internships in computer science. Our goal is to give interested young people a realistic impression of professional reality in this way. Because who has to set the course for his future, not only good to know where the journey should go; He should also be able to assess what awaits him there. As Goethe said: experience remains the best divining rod.

What we offer and expect

Students who want to gain practical experience with us should be able to refer to their profound knowledge of their field of study. On the other hand, they should bring along an increased interest in computer science. In return, we offer a customized internship course, which we develop together with each trainee. Depending on the duration, an internship with us may even include the implementation of your own project. Students can also complete a two- or three-week school internship with us, for example, limited to one department. They too should be interested in working with and on the computer.