Route Planning

Tour optimization to the last detail

The WinSped route optimization determines optimized routes from your transport or service orders and delivers results for the extension of planning for external transportation capacities. With the WinSped route optimization you conquer your daily operation planning tasks as well as the strategic questions involved in warehouse storage and depots and their numbers.

Independent of the branch, WinSped route optimization can optimize every vehicle fleet for which goods are transported or service providers (e.g. assembly deployment plans) on site: frozen products, milk, beverages, people, paper, machines, pre-fabricated parts, chemicals, newspapers and magazines, colours, pet food, money, building products, letters, packages, rubbish.

With the WinSped route optimization you plan the delivery or disposal of customers, branches, and intermediate storage spots as well as deployment of customer service agents and service teams according to your information.

The WinSped route optimization dispatches world wide, country wide, within a region, a city or the premises of a factory.

Deployment Possibilities

  • Operative days/hours current routes being delivered on the basis of the rolling order contents
  • Strategic planning for determination of specific routes and consistent routes with consideration to the order contents
  • Carrying out of simulated route planning with altered restrictions, order volume, depot locations, and vehicle capacity
  • Determination of delivery routes with inclusion of, for example, a weekly stock with adherence to production and delivery times (=foresighted, multiple periodical planning)
  • Route planning for collections, customer service application, and city routes, and so on
  • Multiple depot optimizing with the optimal assignment of orders to depots
  • Dispatch of own and/or external vehicles with cost comparison


  • Freight cost transparency with all operative logistics processes on all levels
  • Basis information for a comprehensive logistics controlling system
  • Freight cost safety through automated complete checking and/or credit note creation