Our training offers

We train you in the optimal handling of WinSped.

Thanks to intelligent user guidance, optimal input masks and ergonomic screen design, the user quickly finds his way around our forwarding software. However, only comprehensive training in how to use our software will quickly lead to the desired success.

The introduction of the forwarding software WinSped® will lead the faster to productive use, the better your employees are trained. The preparatory training is an absolutely sensible measure; after all, you do not allow a truck to be driven by a driver without a driving licence. Special attention should be paid to the training of your administrator and key user.

If your shipping software has been in use for some time, its operation is based on an overview of the functions used. In the meantime, however, it has become clear that there is much more to your system. Systematic further training of proven employees and training of new employees guarantees maximum benefit for your company.

Schulung der Speditionssoftware WinSped in Greven

With the LIS Certified Professional (LCP) seminars, we offer you the opportunity to systematically train your employees in our WinSped® forwarding software. The seminars are held as intensive training courses lasting several days and conclude with an examination. If the examination is passed, the degree of an LCP of the respective course is awarded and certified. In each case a certificate of attendance will be issued.

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Scheduling overview

WinSped® Basis

  • 11.-15.11.2019 (CW 46)
  • 10.-14.02.2020 (CW 07)
  • 25.-28.05.2020 (CW 22) as WEBINAR
  • 17.-21.08.2020 (CW 34)
  • 02.-06.11.2020 (CW 45)

WinSped® DMS

  • 19.-20.11.2019 (CW 47)
  • 18.-19.02.2020 (CW 08)
  • 23.-24.06.2020 (CW 26) as WEBINAR
  • 01.-02.09.2020 (CW 36)
  • 10.-11.11.2020 (CW 46)

Winsped® Lademittelverwaltung

  • 21.-22.11.2019 (CW 47)
  • 20.-21.02.2020 (CW 08)
  • 25.-26.06.2020 (CW 26) as WEBINAR
  • 03.-04.09.2020 (CW 36)
  • 12.-13.11.2020 (CW 47)

WinSped® Basis

  • 16.-20.12.2019 (CW 51)
  • 02.-06.03.2020 (CW 10)
  • 25.-28.05.2020 (CW 22)
  • 14.-18.09.2020 (CW 38)
  • 07.-11.12.2020 (CW 50)