WinSped® Forwarding Software

The modular Transport Management software for logistics, forwarding and shipping.

Customized software for logistics and forwarding companies from LIS

Optimize your workflows and processes with a powerful and well-engineered software for logistics and transport.

WinSped® as market leading system offers a wide range of application areas and functionalities for your entire transport management. Thanks to the modular architecture, WinSped® can always be configured in accordance to the individual customer requirements.

The advantages of WinSped®

  • For the transport and shipping industry
  • Extensive portfolio of applications
  • Scalable software solution
  • Third party interfaces
  • All data and processes in one system
  • Integration in almost any environment
  • Leading in the field of Transport Management Software
  • Everything from one source

Modular design for maximum flexibility in your Transport Management System

The processes required for your company can be precisely mapped and set up in WinSped® with the modules from our portfolio. WinSped® acts as a “hub” application for the available modules, the own logistics software add-ons as well as for third party products.

It is our goal that WinSped® as a central transport management system (TMS) seamlessly integrates third party services, so the user can control the entire handling process through the WinSped® program interface.


Further functions and application areas of WinSped®

High-performance route optimization and strategic planning of depot and warehouse locations, deliveries and determination of external transport capacities.

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The integration of telematics via interface into the LIS forwarding software allows flexible and dynamic logistics processes.

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Convenient customer interfaces for common EDI formats, use of efficient order templates and convenient manual order entry.

Learn more about freight billing

Efficiently interlocking modules allow for reliable freight inspection and full cost control in the freight billing center.

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Collection of all relevant master data and current availability of drivers as well as management of related appointments and events.

Learn more about personnel scheduling

Package delivery service providers and cooperations are integrated for reliable scheduling within system transports.

Learn more about general cargo

WinSped® – available anywhere, anytime.

With “Application Service Providing”, in short ASP, your WinSped® forwarding software is available to you at any time and at any place – a simple solution is available which provides you with many advantages. You can access your forwarding software WinSped® or your ATLIS program from any computer worldwide via the internet with a web client and enter or edit data. These are located together with all necessary software components on the servers of our computer center which guarantees a fast program flow and offers you the optimal performance. You can access your data at any time with password protection as if the program was installed directly on your workstation.