Complete consignment tracking on package level

To automatically process partial and groupage orders WinSped has integrated high performing interfaces and the on and offline import of bar code data for almost every scanning system.

This accompanies the transport goods closely with all other information through the complete transportation chain, which constantly show the current status. This allows for quick, hassle free dispatching. In connection with the order information system you offer your customer the “transparent forwarder”.

All incoming vehicles and their transported goods are recorded in the WinSped® forwarding software already at the time of registration and reported to the dispatching department and the hall control center via an online connection. This module significantly improves communication with the entire warehouse staff and optimally controls unloading and loading. Scanning at the goods receipt transmits the availability of the transported goods to the tour dispatch in real-time processing. There it is linked with all important order data and is available for the formation of Borderos. Repairs and the collection of incoming goods can also be controlled.

Court administration

In this way, with the WinSped® forwarding software, from the arrival of the goods to the tracking of consignments at the package level across several transhipment stations and locations, you can design the optimum process for the entire transport process. They reduce the administrative effort considerably. At every stage of the transport process, you can also provide your customers with exact information about the current transport status


  • Court registration
  • Ramp / goal management
  • Hall control room
  • Series disposition
  • Robust hall radio
  • Real-time processing prevents misloads
  • Envelope statistics
  • Relations replenishment
  • Delivery scanning offline
  • Delivery scanning via third-party telematics systems
  • Shipment tracking with history
  • NVE search with event log
  • Simultaneous tracking of own and foreign NVE