Forwarding software for groupage, CEP & system transport

The industry-specific solution for groupage, CEP & system transport

Powerful forwarding software for groupage, CEP & system transports

Plan 1,000 shipments in 3 seconds

Designed for mass dispatching, general cargo from several different original senders to different recipients can be bundled and dispatched with WinSped to a collective shipment – very easy and without loss of time. The main focus is on the speed of the data processing. As a result, 1,000 shipments can be toured in 3 seconds with the help of the program.

WinSped® offers the innovative integration of CEP service providers and cooperations

Not every transport service can be provided by the company itself. If you are not able to serve certain relations economically, many cooperations offer the network, over which the transport service can still be done with profit. Often such cooperations offer a different range of services, so that depending on the goods, different cooperations are necessary. This is no problem for the dispatcher with the WinSped forwarding software. He selects the service provider with their service and automatically creates the correct label with all current routing information.

Graphic disposition from WinSped®

The module Graphic Disposition was developed for general cargo and part loads.

  • Comfort: Operation mostly by drag & drop without tedious operation with submenus
  • Automation: Proactive information about ETA, capacity utilization and deviations from plan
  • Overview: Resources, stop list, shift plan, map with radius search

Graphic Disposition

System traffic from WinSped®

The system traffic module offers the following advantages:

  • Uniform user interface through complete integration in the WinSped® dispatching module
  • Large selection of interfaces
  • Automatic selection of the appropriate provider
  • Automatic adjustment of service products e.g. in case of delivery delays

System traffic

Further modules for groupage freight

Thanks to the modularity of the WinSped® logistics software you can add further functionalities which are important for groupage freight logistics. All modules are programmed in the current .net language and are also available as web applications.

Order processing

WinSped® simplifies the order processing with the help of automated processes.

Cross Docking

Our cross docking module enables the complete tracking of your freight.


The electronic loading list displays all unloading and loading processes digitally and in real time.

Telematics Integration

We support the individual telematics solution of your forwarding agency.


WinSped® offers the complete tracking of your freight through barcode data.

Loading equipment management

Intuitive loading equipment management for fast processes.

Integration/interfaces to third party suppliers

We do not regard the LIS logistics software as a closed store application, but we have already connected or can usually connect services for the groupage freight sector that are customary in the industry. With the data converter we succeed in the connection – for you this means seamless processes without system break and a user interface in WinSped®.

Integrated third-party providers – groupage and system transport

  • 24plus
  • Cargoline
  • Chronopost Frankreich
  • CTL
  • Der Kurier
  • Dialog
  • GEL
  • GLS
  • ILN
  • Online
  • STAR
  • UPS
  • VTL
  • Palletways

Successful groupage customers

Here you can see an excerpt of our customers who handle groupage freight transports and already use WinSped successfully.

H.M. Verploegen B.V.
Jos Dusseldorp
M&R Logistics