Maintenance and Support

Your system secure through professional maintenance

More security, new enhancements and much more.

Professional maintenance and the installation of current updates are the two most important factors for the security of your logistics and forwarding software.

To make your WinSped software is always up-to-date and has the maximum security, we recommend that you carry out maintenance after the initialisation of your transport management system.

Latest new developments

Receive small and large optimizations on a regular basis.

Our developers work on a daily basis for continuous optimization of our software. We offer further developments and optimizations quarterly.

Extended customer support

Your personal contact person supports you

Our support staff is available for you up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with a personal contact person if desired.

Web access via WebSped

Offer your customers more service

Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your customers convenient access via all standard browsers. Of course, your own employees can also access data in this way.

Guarantee safety

Up-to-date software makes your system secure

Any well-updated system is generally much more secure than an outdated one. Through our regular updates, we always guarantee a reliable and high-performance working environment. In addition, we offer you support in creating and setting up a backup strategy or maintenance plan.

Maintenance products and possible support levels for your logistics software

For maintenance and support, we offer different service levels to meet your support needs.

With our support, we want to provide you with freedom for your logistic competences and processes. Our support is available to you for questions and problems, so that you do not have to free up resources for this.