ASP - Cloud Services

Logistics and forwarding software in the cloud

LIS Cloud Services

Save yourself the need for an administrator, because with ASP we host your Transport Management System for you.

ASP means “Application Service Providing”. A rather complicated word that stands for a simple solution offering you numerous advantages. With a web client, you can access your WinSped® program from any computer worldwide via internet and collect or edit data. These are located together with all necessary software components on the servers of our computing center, which guarantees a fast program flow and provides you optimal performance. You can access your data at any time with password protection as if the program was installed directly on your workstation.

Full WinSped installation in the cloud

Of course, your logistics software is also fully available to you in ASP operation.

With operating WinSped® as Application Service Providing in the cloud, you avoid own investments in hardware and personnel which are required for backup and maintenance as well as software updates.

The highlights of ASP

  • Data centre operated by LIS in Germany with modern server room, planned according to DIN standard EN 50600
  • Failure safety through redundant systems
  • Permanent monitoring and optimisation of your WinSped system by LIS experts
  • More resistant to external influences
  • User does not need own server
  • No personnel costs for operation (data backup, updates, etc.)
  • New locations go productive quickly
  • Access via Internet via Citrix client possible worldwide
  • Always the latest software version

The ASP Farm of LIS

Take advantage of the cloud solution benefits.

The entire system runs in our own ASP data center with the latest system and software versions, and you can rely on smooth operation. Additional locations can be integrated into the operation as full workstations without any issues, as a central database is already available. Teletraining of new users and online support also reduce your personnel costs and make you more independent. You can simply rent all these advantages in order to making the use of WinSped® possible at a calculable and, above all, low cost factor.

Software as a Service – WinSped® in the subscription model

With “Software as a Service”, or SaaS for short, you not only rent the data centre service described above, but also our comprehensive WinSped software package.

This offers your company high security, financial flexibility, better scalability and all this with a low initial investment. SaaS is by definition part of cloud computing, one of the biggest areas of development for businesses.

This is how you get started with the digitalisation of your processes. Take off into the age of Logistics 4.0!

The advantages of SaaS

  • Low initial investment
  • No capital commitment
  • Higher flexibility
  • Better scalability

Learn more about WinSped as hub application. We will gladly demonstrate the possibilities to you.