Graphical Dispatching

In the middle of the cockpit of the dispatcher

A simple overview and easy operation enable dispatchers to react quickly: Often, things have to go fast here and the smooth use of data is fundamental. Here it is important to be particularly flexible. With the graphical disposition, we have further advanced the digitization and optimization of business processes, allowing us to save time and effort.

Dispatching via drag and drop

The vehicle master data is located in WinSped® and is paired there with all relevant data. This simplifies the route adaptation, since individual locations of the trucks, travel times, loads and costs are immediately transmitted via GPS. Users now plan directly in the map via the new lasso function. Depending on requirements and requirements, dispatchers also use the route list in parallel. The module offers a digital diary that is available on the screen, delays are indicated by a yellow color and all “problems” that need intervention are highlighted in red. Each object and each list entry is dragged and dropped in the preferred view. A site and progress overview is permanently available. In addition, background information on the various journeys can be called up at the click of a mouse. These are, for example, delivery notes, average speed or remaining kilometers.


  • Easy and convenient handling via drag & drop
  • Operational inspection of tractors, trailers, trailers, swap bodies and drivers
  • Current vehicle location
  • Planned last vehicle location, available from location
  • Number of scheduled tours
  • Number of tours currently in progress
  • All elements fully configurable
  • Control of customer loading and unloading times
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Presentation of the vehicle use in the map
  • Direct order disposition supported
  • Any vehicle news
  • Integration of telematics systems
  • Integrated vehicle deployment plan
  • Automated integration of driving and rest times via telematics