Service Provider

The new connection to KEP service providers an cooperations

Not every transportation service can be done alone. If you are not able to meet the particular relations economically there are plenty of networks of cooperation’s in order that transportation performance can be carried out with a profit. Often cooperation’s of this kind offer different performance spectrums so that, depending on the goods, the process has to be done using different cooperations. For the scheduler this is no problem with WinSped. He chooses the service provider with the service and automatically creates the correct label with the current routing information.

System Provider in WinSpedThis procedure can also be controlled automatically when generating an order or when importing consignment data from your customer. Of course you can change this during the planning . The correct consignment data of the last chosen partner will automatically be made available. This eliminates the frequently parallel usage of service providing systems with the well known problem of double generation and the obligation of an early decision of the service provider. With the connection of the KEP service providers an automatic call up of the routing label is connected with the transfer of the reference data in WinSped.

The connection is available for:

  • 24plus
  • Cargoline
  • Chronopost Frankreich
  • CTL
  • Der Kurier
  • Dialog
  • ILN
  • Online
  • STAR
  • UPS
  • VTL

The integration of additional service providers is in development