Load Optimization

Saves space, time and money

Use of our Load Optimization

  • Minimization of cargo space capacity and reduction of transport units
  • Assured and targeted work preparation with personnel planning at the ramp
  • Error-free loading of the transport units due to existing stowage plan
  • Minimize downtime and lead times per shipping process
  • Early and timely ordering of capacities at the freight forwarder
  • Freight cost savings through predictive optimal capacity planning
  • Detailed documentation of the loading by graphical representation and list printouts
  • Increase of the delivery service and reduction of planning times – even with large amounts of data
  • Simulation of the loads for capacity planning and determination of the cheapest transport units
  • Legible stowage plans and palletising concepts are integrated
  • Mixed cargo in 40 “container


  • Optimum storage space determination for cuboid and cylindrical package units
  • Optimized loading of piece goods into containers, trucks, train wagons and other transport units
  • Consideration of restrictions per package and the loading characteristics per transport unit
  • Consideration of delivery priorities, collective orders as well as loading and unloading order per delivery route
  • Support for dispatch scheduling and trip planning systems
  • 3-dimensional graphical representation for each selected viewing angle (360 °)
  • Creation of stowage plans with packing instructions and pitch definition
  • Integrated disposition screen for the dynamic compilation of planning data
  • Overstacking matrix per package to take into account individual stacking properties
  • Integrated palletizing concept for optimized packing of selected pallets with article restrictions, turning and mirroring layers, moving individual packages by drag & drop.
  • Publishing: Flexibly configurable output of load and packing lists also graphically processed (print, fax, eMail, bitmap, html)
  • Viewer component available, with all features but no possibility to change.
  • Master data management via integrated database, connection to existing DB (Oracle, SQL-Server)
  • Available in 6 languages ​​incl. Turkish. Switching different length and weight units during runtime.
  • Maintenance: The Windows Installer technology automatically replaces missing or damaged program parts.