Order Management

That's how easy the orders come into the system

WinSped® is optimally equipped for quick and error-free order creation. Whether via EDI, from order preserves or via manual entry – all order data is recorded quickly and smoothly and forwarded to the dispatch department for further processing.

The automatic order transfer

The powerful LISIN interface handles the digital order data z. Eg via dial-up directly from your customers. Universal converters support the adoption of arbitrarily formatted data such as FORTRAS, IDS or EDIFACT. The order data recorded by your customers in an Internet browser using the WebSped® interface is also routed seamlessly into WinSped® order management. Here, smart macros are used to supplement missing defaults, to easily create contiguous orders and to control the controlled transfer of order data.

Order Entry in WinSped

Abruf- und Kontraktaufträge

The creation of new orders in WinSped® is particularly simple on the basis of once predefined order preserves. All order data up to the agreed prices are contained in the canned goods – a simple click is enough to make an order binding. The user is comprehensively informed about the current status. Thus, he always knows about the amount of orders already retrieved and can react immediately to unforeseen events.

Call and contract orders

WinSped® offers a lot of comfortable work facilitation for the manual installation of orders. Freely editable selection fields and optimized entry masks effectively support the user. All information relevant to the shipment order is quickly collected and linked to the standard information from the customer database. The automatic credit check takes into account all not billed orders as well as the open items and warns the employee when the credit limit is reached.

Individual mask optimization

In order to simplify the entry of orders enormously, Winsped offers additively the possibility to create as many masks as required for each business transaction, in addition to two standard masks for group loads as well as partial and full loads. The order and number of fields stored on it are freely selectable. The integrated scripting down to field level ensures a smooth order processing. In addition, several orders can be opened and edited in parallel.


  • Departure and reception assignment
  • Order history – status tracking
  • Encounter traffic
  • Any number of shipment items
  • Any distance units, also separated according to client and carrier
  • Credit check
  • Once addresses
  • Label and barcode printing
  • Freely configurable job search with user-definable filter / mask configurations
  • Free print control also via Word templates
  • Dangerous goods
  • Converter for FORTRAS, IDS128, IDS80, IFTMIN, IFCSUM, IFTSTA and customized formats
  • Charge
  • COD
  • In addition to orders
  • Relations assignment
  • Routing
  • Global input
  • Bulkiness determination
  • Cargo
  • Partial charge
  • Leg training
  • Deadline tracking via contact management, customer and order related
  • Text notes for loading, unloading, disposition, invoice, credit note, shipping documents
  • Optional automatic loading bookings
  • WebSped® order entry and workflow control via WinSped® macro language