All the facts in detail

Here WinSped® shows its comprehensive operation as that of real quality. All data, numbers and facts of your company are summarized, compared and evaluated. Performance able filters sort and select the reliability of all data to deliver you the exact information you require to make a decision about a situation.

Results with a click

Even with the consideration of non calculated orders all expected profits are available to the user. For the whole company as well as the individual schedulers who continuously updates the economic efficiency of the individual orders in his dispatching module. At the end of the period the forwarders book customer turnover statistics and the given vehicle lists are the clear foundation for strategic decisions. To cost allocation analysis and controlling, the distribution of the result according to any cost type, cost carrier and profit center is possible with WinSped according to almost any configuration. If you wish, every route can be detailed and displayed in the accounting overview. Missing invoices will be identified as in arrears and therefore make it possible for time accruals in the financial booking and to build resetting.

Universal connection

All booking will be automatically transferred to the desired accounts department and cost account and is a reliable foundation for the settlement of the costs between the department and the client. The generation of booking to the subsidiary is supported by the identical book keeping. If the standard calculation with the basis numbers not be enough, WinSped offers a simple export function in dialogue with Microsoft-Excel or Microsoft-Access and therefore opens all possible individual calculations.


  • Accounting center
  • Forwarder agency book
  • Arrears lists
  • Customer turnover statistics
  • Forwarding agent statistics
  • Reminder Administration
  • Means of loading stock administration
  • Means of loading dunning process
  • Means of loading invoicing
  • Lorry cost account
  • Direct data transport to Microsoft-Excel or Microsoft Access