Vehicle Fleet Administration

The perfect vehicle fleet appointment manager

All important information, appointments and means of transport are managed here, such as: As trucks, trailers, swap bodies or containers. Tools such as forklifts, tail lifts, scanners, mobile phones and much more can be assigned to the means of transport as needed, managed and displayed clearly.

Automatic appointment management

Regular checks by the technical control board, garage and cleaning appoints flow as important , planable appointments automatically in the vehicle deployment plan and can, if required, be adjusted with other appointments. In addition all vehicle fleet appointments are integrated beside the routes and the driver in the module vehicle/route assignment. This ensures that you have all current available resources of your vehicle fleet in view and deploy them effectively.

Tank data import and free cost entry are the basis of the truck vitae

The import of tank data from many sources, supplemented by the optional manual recording, forms the basis for the consumption control of the vehicles. If all other vehicle-related incoming invoices are recorded via WinSped®, this results in an overview of the total actual costs. The export of all data for statistical evaluation is possible in addition to the dialog display of standardized statistics as an Excel spreadsheet.

The vehicle cost invoice supports the dispatching decisions

Normal cost information for the vehicle fleet deployment are determined from the vehicle cost accounting. The cost calculation is determined using the simple maintainable scheme plan cost per km and deployment time which is displayed in dispatching with the agreed prices. Herewith the decision about the deployment of a vehicle or that of an external company is objectively justified.


  • Automation of recurring appointments
  • Device management
  • Plausibility checks in the planning process
  • Date management for tractors, trailers and trailers with display in the vehicle deployment plan
  • Chief evaluations
  • Entry of incoming invoices
  • Export to FiBu
  • Import of tank and toll data
  • Truck CV
  • Monthly and yearly overviews
  • Fuel reports