Complete consignment tracking on package level

To automatically process partial and groupage orders WinSped has integrated high performing interfaces and the on and offline import of bar code data for almost every scanning system. This accompanies the transport goods closely with all other information through the complete transportation chain, which constantly show the current status. This allows for quick, hassle free dispatching. In connection with the order information system you offer your customer the “transparent forwarder”.

From incoming goods …WinSped Scanning App

As soon as notification is received that the goods are on the premises all the incoming vehicles and their transportation goods will be generated in WinSped and, using an on line connection the processing and registered with the warehouse control centre will take place. Furthermore using this information platform greatly improves the communication between the complete warehouse personnel and the unloading and loading is controlled in the optimal manner. The scanning of incoming goods shows real time processing of the route dispatching immediately and the availability of the transportation goods. Here this is connected with all important order data and allows the building of bordereau’s. You can also control collections and groupage incoming.

… to delivery

The next procedure compares the scanning in the outgoing goods, commissioning and loading with the cartage note and bordereaus. A dispatched route in WinSped is first released when the load has been fully scanned. For massive loads with fixed relations the outgoing bordereau’s are automatically filled through the outgoing scanning of goods. Naturally WinSped imports the status “in delivery” or when the goods have arrived at their location the unloading report and always has the current information about the location of the goods. When the goods have been delivered the scanning takes place either offline with a Windows CE based solution or with LisTrac, the interface for almost all telematic systems. Besides containing the basis status notification “delivered” it also contains the different information pertaining to the quality of the delivery. Therefore besides the status notification for invoicing the transportation you also have information for the quick processing of detailed reclamations.

Everything under control

This is how you organize the optimal procedure of the complete transportation process from the arrival of the goods to following the consignments on the package level through multiple reloading and locations using WinSped. You greatly decrease the administrative time and effort. In every phase of the transportation process you can give your customer detailed information about the current status of their transport.