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Logistics & Distribution: TMS WinSped simplifies disposition of groupage shipments

The Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) presents its Transport Management System (TMS) WinSped at the exhibition Logistics & Distribution in Zurich. On 22nd and 23rd… more information

LIS with exhibition novelty at the Logistics & Distribution

The groupage business can bring many advantages, especially when it comes to transport costs. But this is only possible if freight processing and tours are… more information

LIS inaugurates third office building in Greven

Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) inaugurated its new, third office building in Greven today (21 February 2020). The company invited not only its employees to… more information

Visit us at the SITL Paris

From 17th to 20th March 2020 we present our Transport Management System (TMS) WinSped in France at the fair SITL Europe. At stand F63… more information

Less empty kilometres and cooling hours: Seidel optimizes route planning with WinSped

Which processes can be optimised, how can the number of empty kilometres be reduced, where can costs be avoided? When searching for answers to questions… more information

Dangerous goods center extended by transport and hazard potential status

Expansion of the dangerous goods centre After we have already extended the WinSped module dangerous goods center (GGC) last year with access to the dangerous… more information

LogiMAT 2020: LIS has software solution for collective shipment

The more players are involved in the transport of a consignment, the more extensive the freight handling becomes. A powerful and flexible software… more information

LogiMAT: Graphic disposition of LIS now also designed for groupage shipments

In the groupage business, numerous players are involved in the transport of a consignment. A forwarding software used in this area must therefore be… more information

Interface solution for the automotive industry: LIS presents Automotive Center at FAL 2020

Production and logistics are increasingly merging in the automotive industry. Digitalization has now fundamentally simplified the networking of different corporate divisions and players. Nevertheless, an… more information

Forum automotive logistics: LIS shows TMS WinSped with VDA industry solution

Production and logistics are increasingly merging in the automotive industry. Digitalization offers great potential here, for example by simplifying the networking of different corporate… more information

Bye 2019! Hola 2020!

Time’s running out. In just a few hours, 2019 will finally be the past. If you stand on your toes and stretch your neck a… more information

LIS wishes you a Merry Christmas

There’s no way around Christmas. No other event brings the rhythm of the (working) world out of step more reliably and whirls everything upside down… more information