Avis is the short form for notification and means an announcement. In logistics, a notification stands for the announcement of a delivery, also known as a shipping notification. In payment transactions, it is also referred to as a payment advice or invoice advice.

The shipping notification represents preliminary information about an upcoming goods receipt. The supplier sends the notification to the recipient of the goods in advance, usually electronically by e-mail or by EDI. In some cases, notifications are also sent in writing or by telephone.

By means of the shipping notification, the following information about the upcoming delivery is transmitted to the consignee:

    • Article type/number
    • Article quantity
    • Article weight or volume
    • Delivery date, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

The advice note has special relevance for the recipient, as he can now prepare for the goods receipt based on the above parameters. The storage space required for this can be determined and reserved, and the staff to receive and process the goods receipt can be planned. If the goods go directly into production, this can also be planned accordingly.

A shipping notification also forms an important data record in the realization of shipment tracking for the goods. For this purpose, the shipping notification must be transmitted electronically in any case in order to be able to realize tracking for the shipments.

In addition, the shipping notification is merely information for the recipient and cannot replace the official delivery bill that accompanies the goods in the incoming goods department.