Knowing where, knowing when

Due to various factors, such as a reduced traffic situation, the drivers’ driving times to be observed or technical problems, the delivery date of a product can be postponed at the customer’s request. In such situations, the ETA Center promises to be able to accurately calculate and continuously monitor the arrival times of trucks.

Especially in time-sensitive supply chains such as Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence (GIT/JIS), the agreed arrival time must be adhered to. If this cannot be guaranteed, a smart time management tool is indispensable for the further flow of materials and information in the supply chain. The new Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Center from LIS helps shippers determine the expected arrival of orders in case of delay or early arrival. The aim is to enable freight forwarders to proactively inform their customers about the current delivery status of the goods.


  • Checking arrival and departure times
  • Calculation of current traffic information
  • Taking into account the rest, loading and unloading times and the loading and unloading times
  • active warning system for late loading or unloading
  • Workflow for the processing and evaluation of delays