Direct transport

Direct transport in logistics is also called direct or unbroken transport. In this form of transport, the goods are transported from the start to the destination address without the goods changing the means of transport. Thus, in contrast to other transports, there is no transshipment of goods. In direct transport, the goods reach the customer directly from the manufacturer without using logistical distribution centers or storage areas.

Due to the connection to the road network, most direct transports are carried out by truck overland.

Direct transports and process optimization

Along the supply chain, all parties involved and especially the shippers are always working to optimize processes and make operations more efficient. Cost savings are achieved on the one hand through adjustments in transports and on the other hand in the warehouse. Direct transport therefore plays a role both in terms of optimizing transport and storage costs and in optimizing transport times.

The transport of goods by direct transport can be handled individually, quickly and on schedule, thus offering the customer a very high level of service. Goods shipments are mainly handled by direct transport if they are time-critical shipments, as the transport is carried out without any additional load and on the optimal route from the sender to the recipient.

Complete and partial loads in direct transport

If the focus is on fast and individual handling of a transport of goods to the recipient, shippers use direct transport. These transports are usually handled as full loads. Partial load transports are associated with higher costs due to the lack of additional loads in direct transport, as it is not possible to distribute the costs among several principals as is the case with groupage transports. On the other hand, there is the individualization of the transport and the on-time delivery.

Partial load transports in direct traffic usually require a minimum purchase of cargo capacity in the form of loading meters. number of pallets or load weight.