Freight Inspection

Auditcenter – freight inspection the 2nd generation

The solution for the automatic freight inspection is perfectly integrated in the digital workflow of your company thanks to the individually configurable details. In addition the WinSped Audit Center actively administrates all the necessary invoicing corrections and books all inspected costs, even in very complex account frames with extensive cost allocation.

The individual solution

Invoices and credit notes are automatically transferred in the WinSped Freight Inspection. Of course you can also generate data manually. All data settings that have come in will be automatically compared with the agreed upon “should be” tolerance framework. Winsped automatically checks every invoice in the background and lists those with errors clearly in colour and supplies these for further processing. WinSped also provides intelligent solutions for duplication inspection. For example for complex situations such as the separate calculation of different fee types, the same order or the automatic recalculation of an order without unnecessary duplicate notices to generate manual recalculations. All accounting and orders within the should details and the agreed tolerance areas no longer need to be processed manually. For documents with errors the responsible person can, within the handling instructions, e.g. per email or fax, request corrections or credit notes and follow these up to the accounting in the CRM module from Winsped until the accounting is correct.

Complete accounting management of all freight costs

In connection with the advanced Audit Center you can even offer your customer the freight inspection and payment as the service provider. Here you close the invoicing inspection in the so called funding of the administration for invoices and credit notes in your respective status. You deliver overviews of positive inspected and to be paid invoices, if wished you can also defer payments and inform the company about the payment to be expected. Even the frequently required accounts and cost allocation determination for invoices can be built with WinSped.


  • Manual invoice generation or automatic import for invoices/credit notes
  • Free configuration of the fields to be compared
  • Free configuration authorized forwarders, time periods, fees, pallets, relations, etc.
  • Own definition of the tolerances (also for value added tax)
  • Simple correction request, also per email or fax
  • Automatic comparison of incoming credit notes to incoming invoices
  • Tracking of the credit note requests in the WinSped contact administration (WinSped CRM)
  • Complex accounts and cost allocation assignment (per macro)