IFS Logistics

IFS Logistics stands for International Featured Standards Logistics and describes an international standard for logistics services. IFS Logistics is one of a series of International Featured Standards (IFS) developed by the member companies of the German Retail Federation (HDE) and the French Wholesale and Retail Federation (FCD).

The IFS Logistics is a standard for logistics service providers in the food and non-food industry. It covers logistics activities for all transports that are carried out under controlled conditions. These include, in particular, the special requirements for refrigerated and frozen transport in terms of maintaining the cold chain or hygiene regulations for unpackaged food.

The aim of IFS Logistics is to ensure transparency, traceability, compatibility and safety throughout the supply chain, based on a uniform evaluation system.

Quality assurance through IFS Logistics

Standardisation according to IFS Logistics ensures compatibility of implementation of legal requirements within the supply chain between all parties involved in the supply chain. This enables logistics and retail to work more efficiently and with greater process reliability. Working according to the standard ensures compliance and monitoring of food regulations. As a result, any liability claims can be significantly minimised as IFS Logistics implements the legal requirements.

Accredited certification bodies are approved for IFS Logistics certification. A corresponding certification is then accompanied by regular audits. A certificate acquired in this way demonstrates to customers and partners that the standards are being met and creates a corresponding level of trust.