Continuity and community as the key to success

For more than 20 years, freight forwarder Brucker has relied on transport management Software WinSped

Whether light or heavy haulage, jumbo articulated trucks or vans – more than 300
vehicles dispatched by Spedition Brucker transport wood, machinery, paper, food, steel and other
foodstuffs, steel and other industrial products right across Germany. For
coordination and handling of all transports, the family-owned company relies on a reliable
relies on reliable freight forwarding software.

Founded in 1906 as a workshop and engine construction company, the Brucker company entered the transport industry in 1930, thus laying the foundations for its future.
entered the transport industry and thus laid the foundation for the freight forwarding business.
For more than 80 years now, Spedition Brucker GmbH from Aalen has been on the roads in
German roads for more than 80 years and has developed into a full-range provider of logistics
services. The family-owned company currently employs around 380
employees. Equipped with 130 vehicles at five locations, Brucker provides
offers transport solutions in all areas of logistics: the company’s main services include
part loads, cargo and general cargo transports, as well as a wide variety of logistics projects
especially for industrial companies in the field of procurement, warehousing,
picking and packing and the provision of goods for production.
The company, which is certified as an “Authorized Economic Operator/Customs Simplifications and Security”
(AEOF) also handles the preparation of customs documents and clearance for its customers.
customs documents and clearance with the relevant authorities and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. For
the company has relied on its IT infrastructure for the smooth handling of its
IT infrastructure for more than 20 years on the forwarding software of LIS Logistic.
forwarding software from LIS Logistische Informationssysteme AG in Greven.

Growing together

Initially, the freight forwarder used the MS-DOS program SPEDIA before the company
switched to WinSped in 2000. Since the beginning of the collaboration, Brucker has remained loyal to
LIS AG – WinSped is still a central tool for the freight forwarder. “Also
the many years of trustful cooperation, we feel that we are in very good hands with LIS AG.
AG,” explains Managing Director Arno Brucker, who is already the fourth generation of the
is already running the company in the fourth generation. “The software maps all the functionalities and processes we
functionalities and processes, and runs quickly and stably.” What Brucker appreciates most about the
Brucker particularly appreciates the continuity of the collaboration: “Over the years, new modules have been
modules have been developed and the system has grown steadily. Our main contact persons
have not changed in the last few years and this is the basis for a constructive
and goal-oriented cooperation.”

Numerous WinSped modules are in use at Brucker: From consolidated loading to
invoicing center, special invoicing, inbound document management, deployment plan and
and warehouse handling to loading equipment management, fleet appointment management as well as WinLager and WinSped Analyzer.
and WinSped Analyzer. About 110 vehicles are equipped with telematics, both with
scanner solutions for local transport as well as devices for long-distance transport.

Recognizing and exploiting potential

To meet the future developments and demands of the industry, Brucker places
Brucker attaches importance to continuous and sustainable further development. This also includes,
questioning existing work processes. “Working with the shift plan still needs to be
still need to be improved in our company. We are not yet using the plan with all its
functionalities. Here, we still see considerable potential for improving our
processes.” The primary goal is therefore to integrate the functions of the modules that are already in use
better into the daily work routine. To increase the integration of Telematics,
general cargo cooperation and WinSped, Brucker has therefore set up a project team.

Everything in view

The transport management software is used at all locations that dispatch vehicles.
is used. All employees can also access all data at any time via the central system at the headquarters in Aalen.
employees can access all data at any time. All transport processes, whether land transport
national or international, air or sea freight, are handled by WinSped.
processes. The storage of the data in a central system facilitates on the one hand the accounting and
accounting, but also enables the controlling of transports. A
uniform data basis across the entire company is one of the success factors of this
family business. The most important component of the program is the dispatching system, via which
dispatchers can use the data at any time. It enables efficient
order processing and avoids uneconomical idle times. This is followed by
invoicing of all services and the central processing of subcontractor invoices.
subcontractor invoices. “Only through the automation of these processes and the
automatic transfer of both the outgoing invoices to our customer and the incoming invoices from our
invoices from our subcontractors to financial accounting, we can quickly process the large number of
quickly process the large number of documents,” explains Brucker. The integration of the telematics solution
into the WinSped environment is an invaluable advantage for the dispatching department. Brucker also benefits
Brucker also benefits from the integrated processes of the general cargo cooperation or the export of the data
into the Sage New Classic Line financial accounting system.

Between tradition and modernity

As a family-owned company, Brucker faces the challenge of adapting its own operations to
modern developments and to constantly develop it further, without giving up traditions and
existing values. “Our company philosophy includes, in particular, the
respectful and trusting interaction with our employees and our customers,” says
Brucker. “Modernity means adapting to the realities of the market without forgetting old values
forgetting and losing sight of old values.” Community spirit not only characterizes the
forwarding company’s relationship with its customers, but equally with its own employees. From
interest in cycling led to regular meetings for training rides.
training rides. Soon, the company’s own cycling team was founded, which regularly trains together.
training together on a regular basis. The 15-strong Team Brucker takes part in numerous cycling races in
Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Whether by bike or truck: Brucker knows its way around the
Brucker knows its way around the road and always arrives reliably and on time at its destination.