The term intralogistics was already defined in 2004 by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and leading providers in the industry to describe logistics within companies and institutions in distinction to the logistics of transporting goods.

Intralogistics thus deals with all logistics activities within a company. These include:

  • Goods in
  • goods issue
  • Storage systems

  • Conveyor technology
  • Software for the respective areas

It deals with the organisation, implementation and optimisation of all material flows within a company. This generally includes the associated flow of information and personnel deployment. In mechanical engineering and plant construction, intralogistics mainly comprises technology, equipment and systems that manage the internal flow of materials.

In general, logistics within the company is a critical area for success. Intralogistics is particularly important for the manufacturing industry, which purchases materials, stores products and also dispatches products that have been sold. Within the company it has many intersections with other operational areas. IT provides suitable logistics software, purchasing and sales access the internal warehouses. Well-organized internal logistics processes are more efficient, save personnel and costs.

Intralogistics tasks

Intralogistics is primarily concerned with the planning, implementation and optimisation of logistics processes. The coining of the term intralogistics by the mechanical and plant engineering industry already shows the relevance of technical solutions. SO, numerous systems are used for process optimization, from simple conveyor belts to fully automated robots.

The material flow is the most central sequence of internal logistics processes. It begins with the receipt of goods, is followed by various storage and production steps, and ends with the sale and dispatch of the finished product. Goods receipt and goods issue are therefore the interfaces between internal logistics and external logistics, which handles inbound and outbound deliveries.