Customer forum days: LIS AG informs about innovations of WinSped

Last week Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) organised the customer forum days for the second time. The event format, the successful premiere of which took place one year ago, serves to present products and openly exchange information about the modules of LIS’s forwarding software. The aim is to make it easier for customers to work with the solutions of the WinSped product family. Because the better the user of a software knows the program, the more efficiently he can design the processes he controls with it. Over three days, 38 customers from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands received extensive information and practical tips on the use of the new LIS developments in workshops and lectures.

“Our products offer an enormous range of functions. Training, service and customer proximity are decisive for the effective use of our solutions,” says Magnus Wagner, CEO of Logistische Informationssysteme AG. Against this background, the Forum Days, which took place in the conference rooms of Münster-Osnabrück Airport as in the previous year, primarily serve to inform customers.

The event was divided into two parts: First, the LIS specialists explained the extensive possibilities of the latest modules from the WinSped product family in lectures. For example, scripting, AppSped, Full-Truck-Load (FTL), graphic scheduling and order entry were presented. The participants were then able to extensively test how the solutions work in practice and can be integrated into a logistics process chain.

There was also room to discuss problems with the speakers, who showed themselves in their daily work with the LIS software. The informal exchange was another goal of the event. “We are very interested in constructive criticism. Because the best product is no good if it has been developed without meeting the needs of the market,” says Wagner. It is important to have an open ear for the needs of the users in order to maintain innovative strength.