LIS welcomes four new trainees

LIS welcomes four new trainees

Four IT junior staff started their professional life today at LIS Logistische Informationssysteme AG. The two prospective IT specialists for application development as well as an IT systems merchant and an IT specialist for system integration experienced a largely normal introductory day thanks to extensive preparation and appropriate hygiene regulations. LIS had already allocated all apprenticeships at the beginning of the year, and a former trainee is among the newcomers. The Greven-based software manufacturer now employs a total of 15 trainees and dual students.

“Young professionals are particularly sought after in the IT industry. The fact that we were able to fill all the apprenticeships in the Corona year is further proof of our successful training work,” explains Irina Tappe, personnel officer at LIS Logistische Informationssysteme AG. Just in July, the IHK Nord Westfalen had awarded two trainees from the Grevener Software-Schmiede for their excellent final exams, who are now starting their dual studies. The fresh trainees also have very good chances of being taken on. “The concept of training our own junior staff is paying off. Many of our current managers have been with us since they started their careers,” says Tappe.

Thanks to early planning and many applications, the selection interviews had already taken place before the Corona crisis began. “In order not to cause any worries, we regularly informed our future trainees that their start with us was not in danger,” says Tappe. All four apprenticeships were thus filled as planned. An additional, later created apprenticeship position in IT for application development in the area of quality management is currently still open. Interested parties can still apply at short notice and start their training in September, one month later than planned.

The introduction day went largely as usual. The welcoming event took place in appropriately large premises. During the subsequent geocaching tour in the fresh air, the trainees were also able to explore the immediate surroundings while observing contact restrictions. Tappe: “We are very happy that we were able to guarantee our trainees a start to their careers as normal as possible in this turbulent year”.

However, an interdepartmental training course and the karting planned with all junior staff had to be postponed. “We will catch up on our teambuilding events as soon as the situation allows,” Tappe assured.