Forum automotive logistics: LIS shows TMS WinSped with VDA industry solution

Production and logistics are increasingly merging in the automotive industry. Digitalization offers great potential here, for example by simplifying the networking of different corporate divisions and players. However, efficient processes require an IT infrastructure that enables data transfer between production and material flow or transport. As a rule, different systems have to be linked together for this purpose. The Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) offers its modularly structured Transport Management System (TMS) WinSped with applications specially tailored to the automotive industry to optimise the value-added process with numerous interfaces. These will be presented by the developer from Greven in North Rhine-Westphalia at the Forum Automobile Logistics on 5 and 6 February 2020 in the Congress Center Leipzig.

“Standard logistics software does not meet the special requirements of transport processing between vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. Therefore we have developed special modules for them”, says Elmar Fiedeldey, Head of the Automotive Department at LIS AG. With its product family WinSped LIS offers a TMS that maps the usual industry standards and is at the same time highly adaptable. With the help of the software automotive (area) forwarding agents can map all processes from the supplier to the plant.

All modules are programmed in the current .net language and are also available as web applications. “Our products can be easily implemented in almost all IT environments common in the VDA industry,” says Fiedeldey. WinSped supports the common VDA interfaces (VDA 4933 T1, VDA 4933 T2, VDA 4987, VDA 4945, VDA 4913, VA30Mod[VD1] ; in development: VDA 4933 T3, VDA 4933 T4, VDA 4945 / Favor) and can be connected to the individual web-based exchange platforms of some large German manufacturers, such as the Discovery Portal of the Volkswagen Group and the BMW CSC Portal[VD2] . “In this way, we ensure that our customers can also easily serve the top players in the industry,” explains Fiedeldey.

At the Forum Automobile Logistics, LIS will focus on the Automotive Center, among other things. The solution can be used to completely map transport orders in full, empty and inter-plant transport: from recording, master data management and scheduling to invoicing. The system takes the VDA plant structures into account. Other highlights include the ETA Center for real-time departure, route and arrival monitoring and the electronic loading list ELLi.

Visitors of the Forum Automobile Logistics can get to know and test these and other functions of the WinSped applications in demo versions at the LIS AG stand. The mobile telematics solution AppSped, designed for Android tablets and smartphones as well as iOS devices, and the module graphic disposition from WinSped are also interesting for automobile logistics.