Four new project consultants for even more service

Those who work close to their customers need a good instinct and, of course, solid specialist knowledge. Not least for these reasons, the project consultants at LIS undergo a one-year internal training course before they independently carry out installations, advise customers or train users. “But the effort is worth it – also for the employees,” says Roman Focke, Head of Project Management at LIS AG. “Most of those who have opted for this approach don’t want to do anything else.” The job not only offers a lot of variety and responsibility, but also the opportunity to work independently. “In combination with our familiar working atmosphere and good opportunities for advancement, the result is that we hardly experience any fluctuation in this area,” says Focke.
Those who can imagine this work for themselves currently have good opportunities. LIS has decided to expand its project management department in order to be able to offer its customers even better and faster service in future. We are therefore looking for four new project consultants. As a qualification, applicants should have knowledge of the transport industry, an open nature and, of course, an affinity for IT.