A targeted implementation

A targeted implementation

TECE GmbH, an LIS customer since 2022, is continuously implementing logistics processes with the help of the WinSped TMS. Among other things, automatic route planning, script logic for selecting the optimum transport service provider and the WebSped online portal for track & trace are used.

“The precise calculation of delivery data, taking into account individual customer requirements and improved transparency for the end customer are just some of the improvements made possible by the use of WinSped.” – Till Wagner, Project Consultant LIS and Head of TECE Project.

Our many years of expertise in the field of transport management enable us to develop customised solutions that meet the complex requirements of today’s logistics.

“Our work is not yet finished. We will continue to work side by side with TECE to perfect their logistics processes with the help of WinSped. In addition to internal process optimisation and the associated cost reduction in the logistics area, the continuous improvement of service for its customers remains a top priority for TECE,” says Till Wagner.

At LIS, we are proud to make our contribution to TECE’s customer-orientated logistics solutions.