Covid-19 documents for Spanish truck drivers – now in WinSped document management

Covid-19 documents for Spanish truck drivers – now in WinSped document management

The corona pandemic has drastic effects on transportation. Although Europe’s internal borders are still open to the international flow of goods, problems often arise during cross-border transport. Spain, for example, has once again been declared a risk area by many EU states. In order not to be placed under a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in those countries, Spanish truck drivers currently have to carry a self-declaration with them. With this declaration, they confirm that they are free of symptoms of Covid-19 disease and have had no contact with infected persons.

“In order to ease this already difficult situation for transport companies and to keep the inner-European supply chains as smooth as possible, we have added the required Covid-19 documents to the document management module of our TMS WinSped”, explains Enrique Quiros Hoppe, Managing Director of our Spanish branch.

Avoid chaotic border paperwork using WinSped

Personal data, border crossing point, date of entry and date of exit, destination and reasons for the stay – the European Union (EU) requires all these details from drivers as part of the “Declaration on the absence of symptoms of Covid 19 infection and contact with infected persons” as soon as they cross a border coming from a corona risk area.

With the TMS WinSped these accompanying documents can now easily be created, filled out, stored and retrieved in the module Document Management System (DMS). This not only saves time for the drivers at the border crossings but also avoids bureaucratic obstacles in the country of entry.