Connects your warehouse organisation with the WinSped system®

For the central control of your transportation management with WinSped a close connection with the warehouse is an important factor in your company to ensure the smooth exchange of data and information in an homogeneous system environment. With WinLager you have an extensive software solution which can be perfectly integrated in your WinSped solution.

Control creates advantages

WinLager gives you the complete control over your warehouse, from simple stock controlling up to the building complex warehouse procedures, which are typical for forwarding agencies. With the help of the storage space administration WinLager can build precise block storage, shelve storage or combination systems. It uses a 3 level system consisting of rows/aisles, levels and finally the individual spots. Thus there is always order in your virtual warehouse and disruptions in company procedures are minimized. WinLager is built modularly, therefore you can put the system together as required for your warehouse procedures.

Complete warehouse solutions from one source

WinLager now also has its own dispatch module in which the scheduler has an overview of all in and outgoing items. Together with a barcode scanner all notifications of dispatch in your warehouse can be controlled using a priority system. With the scanner connection the warehouse workers know immediately which outgoing or incoming orders must be processed next. The scheduler can also hold back dispatch notifications. As long as he does not release it it cannot be processed any further.

Warehouse invoicing

With our warehouse invoicing you can quickly and smoothly create your settlement of accounts. The following can be settled: storage, stock removal, and the warehouse rent. The individual conditions are deposited in the data master. This is so flexibly put together that the most individual requirements of invoices are supported. Of course all invoicing procedures are forwarded to the financing and controlling module in WinSped.


  • Avis administration optional with scanner connection
  • Avis overview – Display of storage capacities
  • Formation of commisioning roads
  • block storage
  • Label printing with barcode
  • Graphical representation of your warehouse
  • stocktaking
  • Pitch management also automatically
  • Billing according to various criteria
  • Warehouse control center
  • NVE management
  • GR / GI scanning