LogiMAT: Graphic disposition of LIS now also designed for groupage shipments

In the groupage business, numerous players are involved in the transport of a consignment. A forwarding software used in this area must therefore be particularly powerful and flexible. Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) has developed an extended function for the planning of groupage shipments and has already implemented it at the Logwin AG. The Greven-based IT specialist will be presenting the solution to the public for the first time at LogiMAT in Stuttgart (Hall 8, Stand D57) from 10 to 12 March. Another LIS trade fair highlight will be the electronic loading list ELLi.

“By bundling different shipments, a not insignificant part of the costs can be saved. But for this, the groupage freight forwarder has to plan his routes logistically in advance, taking into account time and traffic aspects. With our new tool, we are helping them to do this,” explains Magnus Wagner, CEO of Logistische Informationssysteme AG. Designed for mass dispatching, general cargo from several different original senders to different recipients can be bundled and dispatched with the modernized WinSped module to a collective shipment – very easy and without loss of time. The developers of the Greven software manufacturer have put their main focus on the speed of data processing. As a result, 1,000 shipments can be toured in 3 seconds with the help of the application. When using the extended module, there is no need to forego the advantages of regular dispatching. For example, the user-friendly interface offers an individually adaptable layout of the group headers for each consolidated shipment. The groupage freight forwarder Logwin has been using the system in its national transport network for several weeks. According to the employees, the introduction of WinSped has significantly increased the transparency in the dispatching. The new dispatching enables an optimal control of the transports, especially with regard to quality aspects.

Also in Stuttgart, LIS presents the electronic loading list ELLi for unlabelled packages. With this tool, all unloading and loading processes during hall handling can not only be recorded and checked off effortlessly by mobile phone or tablet, but also transferred directly to the dispatching department.

Interested parties can get to know these and other WinSped applications at the LIS stand (D57) in hall 8, where guests also have the opportunity to get an impression of the products by means of demo versions.