Success factor Warehouse Management

How the right Warehouse Management System makes all the difference

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Success factor Warehouse Management

How the right warehouse management system makes all the difference

Expert interview

What makes LIS Warehouse Management so unique? Our Head of WMS, Philipp Neuser, has all the answers.

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LIS Warehouse Management has the warehouse under control

Our scalable software in the cloud optimizes and automates warehouse operations

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Amal Oulkadi from Administration


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Foreword by Magnus Wagner, Co-CEO of LIS GmbH


Success factor Warehouse Management

How the right warehouse management system makes all the difference

E-commerce is booming – we all know that by now. However, the success of world-famous online mail order companies is not based on their exceptionally well-structured or visually appealing stores, but on the excellent logistics behind them. Customers can place their orders smoothly from their sofa and often even get the desired product delivered to their doorstep on the same day. How is such reliable and speedy delivery possible? Through efficient, precisely coordinated processes in the warehouses. How can this be achieved? With the right technology behind it – a warehouse management system (WMS).

Controllabe processes thanks to WMS

Incoming goods

Quality inspection
Stock placement
Stock confirmation


Stock transfer
Transfer posting
Control station

Outgoing goods

Order management
Delivery confirmation

With the help of a WMS, warehouse employees (or robots in a fully automated high-bay warehouse) can, for example, find goods quickly and easily and process orders quickly. Frequently ordered goods are reordered immediately, the available space is used efficiently and empty spaces are replenished quickly. In this way, productivity and reliability are kept high and costs low at the same time – a win-win for the entire supply chain.

Positive effects:

  • Fewer out-of-stock items thanks to real-time control
  • Higher efficiency due to predictive warehouse planning
  • Time savings through optimized processes
  • Increased productivity thanks to paperless picking
  • Guaranteed inventory reliability thanks to precise scheduling
  • Transparent warehouse operations
  • Optimum capacity utilization thanks to improved personnel management
  • Quality assurance thanks to seamless documentation

This ensures smooth logistics and promotes seamless collaboration between all parties involved – from warehouse operators to suppliers and their clients.

Expert interview

What makes LIS Warehouse Management so unique? Our Head of WMS, Philipp Neuser, has all the answers.


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Topics such as data & analytics, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are the new trendsetters


LIS Warehouse Management has the warehouse under control

Our scalable software in the cloud optimizes and automates warehouse operations

We can not only do TMS, but also WMS: in addition to our WinSped transport management system, we launched our first in-house warehouse management software, LIS Warehouse Management (LWM), in 2022. With one solution for both warehouse management and transport management, we can now offer our customers applications for the entire supply chain – holistically and from a single source.

Optimized warehouse operation

With the new, cloud-based software, the internal material flow in warehouses and distribution centers can be efficiently viewed, organized and flexibly controlled in real time from the end device of choice. All relevant warehouse processes – from space management and warehouse topology to the booking of value-added services and the control of batch picking through to distribution to onward transportation – can be managed by LWM. The new development is particularly suitable for e-commerce fulfilment and for third-party providers (3PL) with several clients and a high degree of individualization of warehouse management.

Seamless integration

Thanks to suitable interfaces and converters, simple connection to existing IT infrastructures is possible without any problems. This means that interface packages for various ERP systems can be implemented quickly and easily.

Individual, automated workflows

All warehouse processes can be configured as required with the LWM – even without extensive programming knowledge. This is made possible by our low-code technology. It makes the software more user-friendly by allowing the system’s behaviour to be customized. In this way, we turn users into programmers and enable them to design the processes themselves according to their needs – exactly as they require.

Users also have the option of defining their warehouse routines as individual workflows and mapping them digitally. In this way, for example, several different picking workflows are easily possible. These remain available even after software updates, so they do not lose their release capability.

In combination or as a stand-alone system

LWM can be used either as a package with WinSped or as a stand-alone system in the form of Software-as-a-Service.

All the advantages of the LWM at a glance:

  • Tailored to third-party logistics providers
  • Easy connection and integration into external IT landscapes
    Intuitively configurable with low-code technology
  • Simple editing of mobile workflows thanks to workflow management
  • In combination with WinSped: all data in one system
  • Short implementation time
  • Flexible and adaptable to individual customer requirements

Discover LIS Warehouse Management (LWM) and optimize your internal material flow with a flexible and powerful solution. Would you like to find out more about our software or do you have specific questions? Then get in touch with our WMS expert Philipp Neuser.

LIS employee profile

Amal Oulkadi from Administration

Every day, Amal Oulkadi gets to work full of enthusiasm. Our colleague from Accounting is almost always in a good mood and typically has a smile on her face when walking through the corridors of our Greven headquarters. The 31-year-old never gets bored in the office.

Amal works in our accounting, purchasing and fleet management departments. The trained Office Administrator moved to LIS from the automotive industry in March 2021. Since then, she has taken care of order placement, invoicing, licenses and insurance, the procurement of hardware and software as well as acquisition and management of the company’s own vehicles. She also supported the team responsible for the latest ISO certifications in creating new processes and introducing a supplier management system.

In her self-proclaimed “second shift” at home – just a stone’s throw from Hansaring – Amal manages family life with her two sons. In her free time, the Lüdenscheid native enjoys enganging in sports or getting together with friends. However, she prefers to relax and unwind on Mallorca. She particularly likes the architecture of the capital Palma, with its cathedral and narrow streets. Amal tries to visit the Balearic island once a year.

Why did you choose LIS as your employer?

“My original motivation for changing career was the desire for a larger company where I could take on more responsibility. When I came to the Greven office for a trial day, I was impressed not only by the development potential but also by the great working atmosphere. All my colleagues were totally open-minded and gave me a warm welcome. I immediately felt like I belonged and felt very comfortable.”

Be honest: How passionate are you about logistics and software?

“Admittedly, I only had a few points of contact with software before, but my colleagues are always on hand with help and advice and support me when necessary. Onboarding also includes in-house training on the various products for every new employee. That way, all employees know what they are dealing with at LIS.”

What is your favorite memory at LIS so far?

“I can’t really pick an isolated situation. I’ve already experienced many great moments here. For example, the hiking weekend on the Moselle with colleagues from different departments or the short trip to Norderney with the administration team, the company parties or even a LAN party that wasn’t nerdy at all, but pretty cool.”

You never stop learning!

Software-Trainings for WinSped®

If you would like to delve deeper into our products after reading LIS4U, we recommend the following training courses. After all, the software can only be used to its full potential if you know how to use it correctly.

For the easy registration process, click here.

LCP WinSped® Basis

Participants learn how to set up and handle their transportation management system.


LCP WinSped® DMS

In this course, participants learn the basics of using the DMS product as well as in-depth mechanisms, which are taught using detailed case studies.

LCP WinSped® Loading equipment management

In this course, participants learn the basics of handling the LMV product (Module Loading Equipment Center - LMC) as well as in-depth mechanisms, which are taught using detailed case scenarios.


With our webinars, we provide a deep insight into individual modules and functionalities of Winsped. Take your chance and take part in free webinars from our product experts.

Tips and tricks from practical experience

Practical tips and tricks for using WinSped®

WinSped is one of your most frequently used programs in your everyday work? Then the following tutorials will be particularly helpful for you. They will make daily handling of our intuitive software child’s play. Because you can get the most out of WinSped with just a few mouse clicks. This time in focus: keyboard shortcuts.

You don’t quite understand something yet? No problem! To get a quick answer to your open questions, simply contact our Support!

Are you missing useful tricks for a different workflow? Then write us an e-mail and let us know where you’re stuck.

Setting the current date

Tagesdatum setzen

<CTRL> + <SHIFT> + <,> sets current date.

Setting the time

Aktuelle Uhrzeit setzen

<CTRL> + <SHIFT> + <.> sets the current time

Increasing the date

Datum erhöhen

<CTRL> + <+> increases the date by one day (+1).

Decreasing the date

Datum verringern

<CTRL> + <-> decreases the date by one day (-1).

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