Working in the office, working from home – or hybrid: New working models at LIS

Working in the office, working from home – or hybrid: New working models at LIS

Whether from home or in the office: The past weeks and months in the Corona pandemic have shown us that working from home is a viable option. It was therefore out of the question for us to go back to just being present in the office after the end of the nation-wide emergency brake on June 30. Instead, we want to walk new paths, approach our employees and leave it up to them, in consultation with the respective team leader, where they want to work from. “Why make it obligatory to bring someone back into the office when there is no need?” says our Executive board member Magnus Wagner of the new arrangement.

Flexible workplace is possible

As of August 1, Thanks to powerful technology and motivated employees, almost every colleague has been able to decide for themselves whether they prefer to work in the office, at home or in a mixture of both places. The decisive factor here lies within the operational circumstances. Because not every area of activity at our company is equally suited for working from home or any other location. Thus, although updates can be uploaded to servers remotely, maintenance still has to take place on site. According to the Management Board, there will therefore be no uniform, company-wide regulation.

Learning from the Corona pandemic

It is important for us to learn from the crisis period and not to blindly return to old habits, the “old normal”, but to continue to develop. For us, this also includes making the job more flexible while maintaining the same output. It is also conceivable to go one step further and even enable remote work in the future. We are convinced that such working models will gain in importance, especially in our sector, the IT industry. That is why we at LIS are now taking the first step towards “working post Corona”.