WinSped extension: First integrated automatic route planning

WinSped extension: First integrated automatic route planning

It is a novelty in dispatching: our automatic route planning. We are the first standard TMS provider on the market to offer route optimisation at the push of a button. The new feature is integrated in our transport management system WinSped and makes it possible to distribute a large number of shipments to the available vehicles and thus significantly accelerate route planning.

What’s the benefit?

Logistics processes are becoming increasingly complex. With the new automatic route planning, we massively facilitate the dispatchers’ daily work. Because: Hundreds of orders can be planned in just a few seconds. With the optimisation results, the dispatcher can standardise and greatly accelerate his work. Thus, the focus is more on essential decisions as well as upstream and downstream processes.

How does it work?

With the help of mathematical algorithms, an optimised combination of orders, vehicles and routes is calculated, taking into account resources and defined conditions. The new function is integrated into the module Graphic Dispatching (GD) of WinSped. Customers who have GD can have the new function activated additionally.

After signing the contract and licensing their vehicles, users will then find the option “Add selection to tour planning” under the menu item ” Shipments”. In this way, shipments and transport capacities can first be combined into tours. In doing so, shipments with any loading and unloading locations and depot-based shipments can be planned on new tours.

Perspective: two further use cases

Two further tour planning scenarios will follow in the course of the year:

  • adding a shipment to an existing tour
  • the determination of an optimal shipment to be added to an existing tour

Cooperation with flexis and PTV

For the technical implementation of tour planning, we have entered into partnerships with flexis AG and the PTV Group from Karlsruhe, Germany. Among other things, both companies offer software for process and transport optimisation. They have route planning services that calculate optimal transport routes from shipment as well as route data.

Via interface connection to WinSped, the systems from flexis and PTV Group provide our customers with pre-planned tours based on the shipment information available in WinSped. The services of both partners are seamlessly integrated online via an API and are integrated into the WinSped user interface.