TMS WinSped: reliable transport management also from home office

TMS WinSped: reliable transport management also from home office

The Corona crisis illustrates the central role that logistics services play for the economy and society. Supermarkets, hospitals and other system-critical facilities must be supplied despite the restrictions. Many transport companies are therefore just reaching their limits. Numerous employees are in their home offices for their protection. Nevertheless, orders must be processed, tours planned and invoices issued. The Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) offers a powerful solution with the Transport Management Software (TMS) WinSped, which can be operated flexibly and completely from home thanks to a cloud connection.

“The Corona crisis is putting the economy and society to the test. The transport business is particularly affected by it. This makes it all the more important that companies can rely on their software,” explains Magnus Wagner, CEO of Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS). The nationwide ban on contact adds a further challenge: across all sectors, thousands of employees do their job from home. Meanwhile, system-relevant companies are doing everything they can to keep their operations going. Many logistics companies have even more to do at the moment than the remaining staff can handle. “In order to distribute the workload and ensure the ability to work, IT systems and software must also enable use in home office,” Wagner continues.

LIS has a powerful solution in its portfolio with the cloud-based version of WinSped. The entire software environment is hosted on LIS servers in Greven by means of Application Service Providing (ASP). Users only need internet access to log in to the system from any computer worldwide. Not only in times of crisis can they access all data from home office and use all components as if the programs were installed on their computer.

The TMS offers a tailor-made solution for almost every field of application. “Thanks to the modular architecture of our software, we can meet the individual needs of each user exactly,” says Wagner. WinSped includes functions such as order processing, document management, loading space optimisation or telematic integration, which can be combined in any way. Even with cloud-based applications local devices such as hall handling scanners or ELLi, the electronic loading list, can be connected. Users can thus centrally manage, invoice and control all transport services. However, not only forwarders, dispatchers and shippers benefit from the software. Thanks to numerous interfaces for the integration of third-party systems, those responsible on the customer side can also obtain information via web client. This way, they are kept up to date in real time on order status, item data or billing management.