TMS WinSped in the Cloud: LIS extends data center

TMS WinSped in the Cloud: LIS extends data center

Logistische Informationssysteme AG (LIS) is expanding its data center in Greven to meet the increasing demand for WinSped in the cloud. More than 50 customers already use the LIS cloud and benefit from automatic backup and update services as well as continuous performance monitoring. The new server room will offer additional capacity in the future so that more customers can take advantage of the cloud. The conversion is scheduled to be completed by mid-2020.

“Modern logistics increasingly requires IT structures that function wholly or partially via the Internet. After the expansion and modernization of our computer center we can increasingly offer our customers the cloud based connection of WinSped”, explains Magnus Wagner, CEO of LIS AG. The use of the software will therefore be more flexible and high maintenance costs will be eliminated.

With a cloud solution all software is provided on LIS servers in Greven and not installed on the users’ hardware. To work with the TMS, users only need an Internet connection and a standard PC. This results in a plus in flexibility: the application can be accessed via browser from home office, regardless of location, and new devices can be integrated into the workflows without any problems.

“In addition, services such as maintenance or software updates are no longer required and expensive investments in hardware and personnel are saved,” Wagner adds. Since the cloud is provided completely on the servers in Greven, performance control and data backups are also performed centrally by technicians at LIS.

All WinSped modules can be used web-based. This provides the user with maximum flexibility. LIS has a PRTG Network Monitor (network monitoring software) with which the entire network is permanently monitored. Long response times or high processor loads are always in sight for the service team. “If problems do occur, an emergency hotline is available to our customers around the clock for quick assistance,” explains Wagner.

The new server room in Greven is DIN-standardized and equipped with certified burglary and fire protection systems. In order to remain operational even during a power failure, the system has two uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) that function independently of each other and can each supply the entire network with electricity. There is also an emergency power generator for the unlikely event of a blackout. Construction work is scheduled to be completed by mid-2020 and the data center should be fully functional.