WinSped® logistics software

The modular software solution for carriers and shippers

  • Modular structured logistics software
  • For transporting and shipping industry
  • Extensive portfolio of solutions
  • Integration in nearly any environment
  • Market leader in Germany

Most processes and workflow in the freight admistration for the loading industry and freight industry can be accomplished with the use of WinSped®, the software product from the leading supplier for Transport Management Software (TMS). The program system WinSped® consists of individual modules, which due to its possibility of combinations, provides our customers with the optimal support for their different requirements in freight administration.

The modular set up of WinSped® allows-similar to the building block system-the simple, and therefore cost effective integration into the running system. Most importantly, it is possible to only incorporate the software module that is required. This means, for example, that a company that processes the means of loading using an ERP system does not have to purchase the module from WinSped®.

The planning and structure of the software is orientated to your business processes, which are fragmented to individual processes. On the other hand, the individual processes build the foundation for the definition of the required module.

Interfaces to external systems are also important and are increasing in meaning when talking about your optimization potential. You can, for example, incorporate orders from ERP systems or directly transfer the status and location from the vehicle to the telematic provider.

Your assurance of a good future when investing in the TMS WinSped® means: flexibility and the ability to integrate, modern system architecture and the security of a successful long term relationship between the manufacturer and user.

ASP – WinSped in the cloud

ASP means “Application Service Providing”. A complicated word that stands for a simple solution that gives you many advantages. With a web client you can access your forwarding software WinSped® or your ATLIS program from any computer worldwide via internet and enter or edit data. These are located together with all necessary software components on the servers of our computer centre, which guarantees a fast program flow and offers you the optimal performance. You can access your data at any time with password protection as if the program was installed directly on your workstation.