Route calculation

Calculation of routes under consideration of various parameters

Always find the right way

With the WinSped® Route Calculation

With the calculator for routes, they can be easily displayed on the map. Information about the generated route such as distance, travel time, toll kilometres and toll costs can be called up and evaluated at any time. For route calculation, users enter parameters such as hazardous goods or weight, which are taken into account when setting up the route. Information such as dimensions, emission class and speed are also included in the planning. Once routes have been generated and calculated, users save them as requests and immediately access the saved data for current transport requests. Thus, the route calculation ensures a quick determination of the appropriate route.

Management Characteristics:

  • Generation of routes and their evaluation
  • Saving vehicles and trailers as well as corresponding profiles
  • Determination and output of truck plan costs in the route calculator
  • Storage of generated routes for later and renewed use