Programming in two worlds

Greven. “The parcel is currently in the postal center.” I am updating the page. The parcel is still in the postal center. When will the shoes that my brother wished for finally arrive? I click on update again. “The parcel is in the parcel trolley on its way to you and will be delivered in an hour,” it says.

The fact that more and more parcel suppliers can offer these tracking services is due to people like Georg Bokermann. He is a software developer and works on “logistic information systems”. In short, LIS is his employer’s name. Not only DHL, UPS or Hermes handle enormous quantities of goods, but also automotive suppliers, chemical companies or shipping companies bring stocks from Ab to B. Simple handwritten notes, plug-in cards and Excel tables are no longer enough to keep track of things. Finer software is needed. “Our programs range from order entry of goods to efficient route planning and monitoring to accounting systems,” explains Georg Bokermann.