Problem solvers and development talents

Problem solvers and development talents

At LIS, we are always on the lookout for new bright minds in the field of IT. For this reason, we offer several apprenticeships each year to become IT specialists for system integration or application development.

From conception to customer service

Trainees in the area of system integration learn to plan and configure IT systems with us. The core contents of the training are not only how to differentiate, adapt and configure operating systems and their areas of application, but also how to use current hardware and software and what to pay attention to when testing systems.

We speak programming language – fluent

In the area of application development, our trainees learn everything about software development. We teach them how to plan, design and make programs user-friendly. Among other things, they learn various programming languages and special development tools. After only a short time, the trainees work constructively in our teams.

Céline Middendorf also decided to train as an IT specialist with us at that time. Why, she tells us in Video.

We are proud that we can support such young and motivated talents as Céline and give them a successful start to their professional lives.

You can find further information on our apprenticeships here.