Personnel rochade in Supervisory Board and Executive Board

Personnel rochade in Supervisory Board and Executive Board

The generational change in our management has been completed: Hilmar Wagner left the Management Board on 1 May 2020 and moved to the Supervisory Board. He handed over the operational management completely to his son Magnus Wagner and Rolf Hansmann. Markus Berkemeier, Head of Customer Service and Project Management, was granted power of attorney in this process.

“As a family business, it is important to us that our business decisions continuously follow a common thread”, emphasizes our company founder Hilmar Wagner. This is why we have set ourselves the goal in autumn 2017 of placing the management of the company in the hands of the next generation. “My retirement from the Management Board has now heralded the final stage of this journey,” says the new Supervisory Board member. Since May 2020, son Magnus has been managing the operative business of the company alone with his fellow board member Rolf Hansmann.

Hilmar Wagner is now a member of the supervisory board

Hilmar Wagner, however, remained loyal to the company and moved to the supervisory board. Ulrike Wagner left the Supervisory Board after many years of service and retired. “I would like to thank my wife for her energetic support – in both her private and professional life,” said Wagner senior. The Supervisory Board Chairmen Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski and Maria Lückemeier will remain on the Supervisory Board.

Markus Berkemeier receives power of attorney

The personnel rochade was rounded off by Markus Berkemeier: The head of customer service and project management was granted power of attorney and will represent LIS in future in legal transactions. “With this step, we are honoring the competence and leadership qualities of Markus Berkemeier,” explains board member Magnus Wagner.