Optimally trained

Optimally trained

Employee training ties up working time, is time-consuming and expensive – but also extremely rewarding. At LIS Logistische Informationssysteme AG they have therefore been on the agenda for a long time. “All experience shows that commitment and thus work efficiency increase analogously with knowledge about our company and our products. That is why we have now fundamentally revised and restructured our system of internal competence and knowledge transfer,” says Magnus Wagner, member of the LIS board of directors. The declared goal is to increase employee satisfaction, quality standards and, as a result, customer satisfaction.

New, permanent training team

The central component of the new system is the establishment of a permanent training team consisting of the two training managers Jennifer Rastig (28) and Astrid Schürkötter (46). Although the latter has only been part of the LIS crew since 2021, she has a lot of experience in training employees. For example, the trained trainer for Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) has been responsible for keeping the knowledge of the employees of a large media company in Münster up to date for the past eight years. A real LIS veteran is team partner Jennifer Rastig. The 28-year-old already completed her training as an IT systems clerk at LIS and then passed through various stations in the company. Most recently, she was deputy team leader for premium support.

Schulungsteam             Schulungsteam

Together, Rastig and Schürkötter have been training their colleagues since last month both in terms of the WinSped programme family and, for example, in data protection and IT security. In addition, the duo now supports new LISers with onboarding. Schürkötter explains: “A good onboarding is extremely important in many respects. On the one hand, the person concerned feels more appreciated and welcomed, which in turn has a positive effect on motivation. On the other hand, new employees who have been trained well and comprehensively are productive faster and to a greater extent than those who have to learn everything they need to know about the products and processes themselves after the famous jump into cold water.”

Present and online courses

In future, the employee training courses will take place both in person and online via the company intranet. The latter has the great advantage for participants that they can schedule the courses so that they do not collide with other appointments. In addition, everyone can learn at their own pace and repeat individual passages if necessary. Successful participation is then certified with a certificate, which is also filed in the personnel file. In addition, each participant receives a written summary in the form of a handout so that they can refer to the course content later.

The corresponding course modules are currently being developed. For this purpose, Rastig and Schürkötter are in close contact with the developers and product experts at LIS. Rastig: “The approach we are taking is very practice-oriented.” 50 to 60 courses should already be available by the end of the year – and in both German and English.

Wagner: “The know-how and competence of our employees are the foundation of our company’s success. That’s why it was an easy decision for us to spend more money on this. I am convinced that this investment will pay off quickly.”