Open and communicative personalities

Greven. “The first day I was a little excited. But the excitement evaporated quickly, because everyone gave me a warm welcome,” explains Jan Philipp Dirks. In August, he began his training as a businessman at LIS – Logistische Informationssysteme AG.

“I was guided through the company and all processes were shown to me, so that the excitement was completely unfounded afterwards. He already gained professional experience during his school career – through various internships and by attending the Höhere Handelsschule, where he graduated from a technical college in business and administration, he also had “a lot of experience in the commercial field”.

He was not immediately aware that he wanted to work for LIS AG: “At the beginning, I intended to start working in banking. But from an employee’s point of view, this industry was ultimately too insecure for me and the competitive pressure too high,” says Dirks. Through his cousin, who also works for LIS AG, he was informed and immediately knew: “The profession of IT system administrator suits me. Because I am computer-savvy and enjoy organising.