LIS simplifies finding and booking truck parking spaces with new WinSped integration via Bosch L.OS

LIS simplifies finding and booking truck parking spaces with new WinSped integration via Bosch L.OS

LIS Logistische Informationssysteme GmbH presents a new feature in the WinSped Transport Management System (TMS) that aims to solve one of the most pressing problems in the transport industry. In cooperation with Bosch L.OS (Logistics Operating System) and Bosch Secure Truck Parking, finding secure truck parking spaces along Europe’s main transport arteries is now easy. The integration of the parking space booking in WinSped enables users to check the availability of parking spaces along the planned route in real time and book them directly via the Bosch Secure Truck Parking platform. The tool covers over 400 truck parks in Europe and simplifies efficient route planning for dispatchers and drivers while complying with statutory driving and resting times while complying with delivery schedules.

“The transport sector has been waiting for years for a solution to relieve the burden on truck drivers and logistics companies. Thanks to the seamless integration into our TMS WinSped made possible by Bosch L.OS, our users can now reliably plan their tours, including breaks,” says Magnus Wagner, Co-CEO of LIS. The search for parking spaces causes an average loss of more than 30 minutes per day, which leads to additional labor and fuel costs. In addition, truck parking space booking via the Bosch platform offers 8 per cent lower parking costs compared to conventional parking.

Integration into the Graphic Planning

Bosch Secure Truck Parking as part of Graphic Planning enables WinSped users to display available parking spaces as so-called “Points of Interest” (PoI) on an integrated map during route planning. The spaces can be booked with just a few clicks and can be seamlessly integrated into route planning. The driver only has to follow the navigation. Users of LIS also benefit from increased safety, as the new feature helps to ensure the integrity of freight and to reduce safety risks for drivers and other road users.

“Our realisation is: Combining a variety of digital services in one TMS brings the greatest benefits to those involved, saving time, costs and human resources. This is exactly what we are aiming for with WinSped,” explains Wagner. The TMS acts as a central hub in which Bosch Secure Truck Parking and other road services can be easily integrated via Bosch L.OS. Users enjoy the benefits of maximum convenience as they can use different services within WinSped without having to deal with multiple programs and passwords. The platform also increases safety and comfort for drivers and provides better planning options for dispatchers.