New function simplifies personnel and shift planning

The perfect dispatcher has every detail in view at all times – everyone else is pleased with the comprehensive support provided by WinSped. For example, in personnel and deployment planning: In order to answer the question of whether a driver fulfills all the prerequisites for moving a particular vehicle, the dispatcher no longer has to have the driver’s respective skills and the specifications and special features of the individual trucks in mind. From now on WinSped will give him the right answer. The check as to whether driver and vehicle fit together already begins in the vehicle master data maintenance. Here it is determined which qualification a driver must have in order to be allowed to drive a certain vehicle, for example to master the handling of silo vehicles. Drivers whose profile does not show a corresponding suitability cannot be scheduled for silo vehicles in the first place. “This is a very helpful support, especially for forwarding companies with many drivers and a large vehicle fleet,” says Thomas Meyer, product expert at LIS AG. As far as the determination of the required qualifications is concerned, the users are of course completely free. The check as to whether a certain driver-vehicle combination works is then carried out in all relevant programs. A corresponding message is issued in the following places:

  • Advanced driver planning
  • disposition
  • vehicle deployment plan
  • Graphical Disposition

“In this way, we have consistently extended the previous check to see whether drivers are possibly unsuitable for selected loading/unloading points,” says Meyer.