New function: Account closings and balances can now be viewed via data explorer

The LIS statistics tool Daten-Explorer (DE) has been extended by a further evaluation option: the integration of the Loading Equipment Center (LMC) means that important key information can now be retrieved. Here, the last closing balances including balance date, the current daily balances are compared individually for each offsetting account and the cross-departmental balances.

All key figures are clearly displayed in one compressed line and can be selected, summed, grouped or aggregated as required by using the grid display.

In this way:

  • the detection of a possible statute of limitations for outstanding receivables,
  • the localization of outliers and also
  • further processing in Office programs…

possible without any problems. The key figures can be viewed despite missing user rights for the pallet program. In addition, flexible expansion options are available directly on the database.