New features for WinSped personnel administration

New features for WinSped personnel administration

With the personnel module of our TMS WinSped, driver appointments such as training courses or sick days can be recorded and managed. It can also be used for holiday administration. Now the core programme has been extended: The overview of staff appointments has been supplemented with further relevant information in the grid display and in the graphics. This makes holiday planning even more transparent and effective.

The following data can now be viewed at a glance:

1. Total remaining vacation days

Shows the number of vacation days that have not yet been scheduled by the employee in the current year.

2. Vacation days taken

Shows the number of vacation days already taken by the employee, up to (and including) the current time (system date) in the current year.

3. Vacation days planned

Shows the number of vacation days taken by the employee that has already been approved by Human Resources after the current time (system date).

4. Total sick days

Shows the total number of sick days of the employee for the current year.

The new fields have also been integrated into the employee’s personnel master record. As they are determined automatically in the background on a daily basis, they can only be viewed there, but not changed manually.

The determination of past and upcoming vacation days starts from the current date (system date). For this purpose, it is necessary to regularly perform an automatic generation run via automation service (AS) before viewing.